by - March 05, 2021

Jaký máte názor na džísky? Mě tahle hned zaujala a to hlavně zajímavým designem. Je ze slovenského e-shopu Glash Girl, kde mají nejnovější trendy a naprosto krásné kousky. Kombinovala jsem to jednoduše s bílou mikinou z Asosu a legínama z Femmeluxe. Co se kabelky týče, tak to mám z e-shopu, jestli neznáte, tak určitě mrkněte. 

What do you think about denim jackets? I was immediately attracted by this one, mainly by its interesting design. It is from the Slovak e-shop Glash Girl, where they have the latest trends and absolutely beautiful pieces. I simply combined it with a white sweatshirt from Asos and leggings from Femmeluxe. The handbag is from e-shop, if you don't know it, be sure to check it out.

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  1. I love the colour, appearance and style of the light blue denim jacket from Glash Girl with its decorative patches. You look fabulous in these fab outfit photos of you wearing it!

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